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UMag Inbox

Just finished the spring issue of Johns Hopkins Magazine, which means I have, by rough estimate, about 40 alumni magazines piled on my desk. Let’s see what might be here, if I can avoid toppling the stack over onto Catherine Pierre’s desk . . .

KCUMB Communicator, out of the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, is now KCUMB Magazine. (Scott Summers is editorial director.) New name, new look. (Below, old is on the left, new on the right. Click to enlarge.) I like the back page pop quiz, which presents four pathology puzzles and invites readers to send in their answers and enter a drawing for a $25 Starbucks card. By the way, I’m betting that the answer to question 4 is phosphotungstic acid hematoxylin as the proper stain for medullary carcinoma of the thyroid gland, but I could be wrong.

An alumni magazine that I choose not to name arrived on my tottering stack containing 54 photos of people. Of those 54, 42 were facing the camera and smiling. Yikes. (One other was wearing a helmet that obscured his mouth, but he might have been smiling. One was a coach. Coaches never smile.) Need we remark on how boring and monotonous that is? We’ll extend benefit of the doubt to the poor art director who may have had nothing else to work with. Of course, if the people in the picture are smiling and holding large purple axes, the art director should use the photos. Every time. Never argue with a woman who’s clutching an ax. (Don’t ask how I know this.)

The well-armed young ladies got the axes for being outstanding young alumni, apparently, at Stephen F. Austin State University. From Sawdust, edited by Jeff Davis.

Finally, the winter issue of Tennessee Alumnus (Elizabeth A. Davis, editor) has a gorgeous, A River Runs Through It–like feature spread on alum Susan Thrasher, who, duh, likes to fish. I especially like the type treatment.

Attack of the 50-foot numbers!

“It’s not a design gimmick. It’s a design element. So shaddup.”

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