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Well done, Elvis


Most alumni magazine covers devoted to presidents lack . . . how to put this . . . visual interest? But the new Dickinson cover is an exception. The school’s outgoing president, William Durden, whom I spoke to on occasion during his years at Johns Hopkins, is known for his bow ties and distinctive red eyeglasses. What a charming and clever cover, drawn by Dickinson student Elvis Swift. Well done, young Elvis.

Update: When I hastily scanned the Dickinson table of contents for the name of the cover illustrator, I found “Elvis Swift, 2013,” and without thinking about it took that to mean that Swift was Dickinson Class of ’13. My bad. Elvis Swift, as Matt Jennings was delighted to point out, is a professional illustrator and doodler whose work can be found in a variety of publications and media. As we say in the business, UMagazinology regrets the error. And particularly regrets that it was Jennings who pounced on it.

While on the subject of notable covers, take a gander at these. Click on them to enlarge the goodness. First up, Oregon Quarterly, art director Tim Jordan:


Next, UCLA Magazine, art director Suzannah Mathur:



Finally—yum—Denison Magazine, art direction by the people at EmDash:



UMag inbox

A quick sift of the inbox revealed chief executives incoming and outgoing at Western Carolina and the College of New Rochelle, respectively. Western Carolina‘s cover story on new chancellor David O. Belcher is notable for its evidence that high on the list of qualifications for the job is a willingness to don purple garments. Belcher is pictured in at least three different purple neckties, and wife Susan Belcher appears in an all-purple ensemble. While we’re on this subject, the summer issue of the magazine runs 44 pages, and purple appears on all but six. That’s a lot of purple. (The cover of the previous issue of WC was devoted to outgoing chancellor John Bardo, who in the cover portrait wears—yeah—a purple tie.) Bill Studenc edits the magazine.

Quarterly, the magazine from New Rochelle (editor Lenore Boytim Carpinelli), has surely set some kind of record for bestowing print-love on a departing senior administrator. Every page of the spring issue—every single page—is about Stephen J. Sweeney, the outgoing president. His visage appears on the cover and all but one page, by my count an astonishing 87 photos in a 36-page magazine. (By the way . . . at left? That’s Sweeney. You can tell he’s not the Western Carolina guy because he’s not wearing purple.)

While we’re on the subject of covers, from California to New Hampshire, great minds think alike: