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How’s this for coordination?

The Tufts University publishing empire—note the array above—hit a new mark for a coordinated communications strategy with its Spring 2011 editions. Each magazine published the same Taylor McNeil interview with incoming president Anthony Monaco (below). Same text, same four-page spread. The only thing that differed is where the editors ran the piece. Julie Flaherty led the feature well of Tufts Nutrition with the Q&A; Helene Ragovin held it for pg. 26 of Tufts Dental Medicine.

Tufts Magazine, the flagship publication edited by David Brittan, was first to publish the Q&A in its Winter 2011 edition. Brittan notes that a central publications office produces all five titles and coordinates content when there’s a major event or announcement, such as, in this case, a new president. This way of working arose from an institutional branding effort around 2004 and 2005 (just before Brittan arrived) and the conclusion that the Tufts professional school magazines were too disparate in presentation and all concerned would benefit from a more consistent look.

The circulations of Tufts and the divisional magazines overlap, to varying degrees, but Brittan says he fields few complaints from readers who notice duplicate content. He adds that unlike his magazine, each of the four professional school magazines circulates to non-alumni who have some connection to the schools; those readers do not receive Brittan’s flagship title, so a story in a divisional publication is the only way to reach them.