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Dale Keiger at Johns Hopkins Magazine

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  1. Dan Woychick

    I was happy to find this resource through the CASE ListServ and appreciate your contributions to the discourse about university magazines. I believe we are at the dawn of a new age in publications—with an uncertain course ahead of us. It helps to have articulate proponents of the medium sharing their insights.

    Here’s a recent post from our blog about online publications:

    Dan Woychick
    Woychick Design

    PS> Johns Hopkins magazine could certainly be added to our list at the end of the story.

  2. Michael Patrick Rutter

    Nice work!

    We recently decided to go ‘retro’ with our newsletter for the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and published a 5,000 word long-form article on open-access publishing.

    Talk about unintuitive — an engineering school paying homage to the likes of the Atlantic Monthly?! (I give full credit to our new dean for going in this direction — although producing that article, which I co-authored, was really intense).

    The newsletter is both print and online …

    In fact, each future issue (2 or 3 a year) will feature one long form piece and then a lot of smaller news bits. We are still testing it with our alumni and friends … but logically, this seems like such an obvious way to go .. as our website and other social media sites take care of all the ‘news’ and shorter pieces (profiles, Q&As, etc.).

    And paper is really great for long articles. Finally, as we are a really small shop (two people) dealing with 2-3 long form articles is actually easier.


    Michael Patrick Rutter
    Communications Director
    Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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