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UMagazinology is offered as a service to the community of alumni magazine editors, writers, and designers by Johns Hopkins Magazine and the Johns Hopkins University Office of Communications. The views expressed in its posts are those of the individual authors, not of the magazine or university.

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  1. Mindy Oswald

    I’d just like to say just how much I enjoy seeing a new entry from UMagazinology in my inbox. Your comments are always so insightful and amusing without being snarky. I have learned a lot about other alumni magazines that I would not otherwise known existed.

    So for all your hard work, insights and enthusiasm, I thank you.

    Min Oswald
    Min O. Design
    Art Director Brown Medicine Magazine

  2. Teri Brooks

    Umagazinology inspires, and occasionally intimidates, with its insights about alumni magazines. I check my inbox every day in hopes of finding a new post.

    I appreciate that the blog evaluates and puts in perspective the many factors that contribute to an effective publication.

    Teri Brooks
    Managing Editor
    The University of Texas at Dallas

  3. Fran Jurga

    Hello, I agree wholeheartedly with the first two comments. I too look forward to seeing you in my inbox. Thank you for keeping my mind open, especially on the days when it needs to be!

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