Best letter ever

We at Johns Hopkins Magazine have begun to receive reader responses to our theme issue. To refresh your memory, that would be The Fun Issue. Best letter so far, and I can’t imagine receiving a better one in the days ahead:

To the editor,

I would like to say that the Johns Hopkins Magazine “The Fun Issue” was very funny. I have said that because usually I do not pick up or read any magazine even the monthly “Highlights.” I liked the uncertified gender snowman, the 21 banjo players, and the men in the pool suspected to be running away from the banjo club. There are a few more things that are a tiny bit funny, but those are the main ones.


Eric _______, age 8

We’re going to send that kid a T shirt, and an application for early admission.


  1. Katie V.

    I thought “best letter ever” might be hyperbole, but now that I’ve read Eric’s letter, I take it back. This letter is also way better than anything they run in “Highlights,” except maybe the poems about horses.

  2. Wayne Steffen

    Great letter, indeed!

    Katie–you don’t like Goofus and Gallant? Goofuc always made me feel better about myself. WES

  3. Hannah

    As a parent of young kids, I would immediately subscribe to any children’s magazine created by frequenters of this blog. It would destroy Highlights with a withering glance.

  4. Erin Berg

    “There are a few more things that are a tiny bit funny…” Love it. Kudos, Dale and team. This is high praise.

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