Great minds think alike, Pt. 2

If you recall, a few weeks ago I lamented Notre Dame Magazine arriving in my mailbox with this coloring book cover:


The basis of my lament was that Johns Hopkins Magazine, which I edit, was in the midst of a theme issue on fun—stop that chortling right now—and our art director, Pam Li, had been mocking up a similar concept:


Okay. Now you’re brought up to date. Which brings me to this, new in my mailbox from Denison:


Open this one up and you find six more pages of Denison scenes for your coloring pleasure. Who’s next?

Oh, just so you know, after she abandoned the coloring book idea, Pam Li cooked up something way different for the Johns Hopkins Magazine summer issue. A click on the image will make the cover lines legible.




  1. Jeffrey Lott

    We used to hear that Swarthmore was “the place where fun goes to die.” So we did an admissions view book filled with candid pics of quirky smiling people, dancing barefoot in circles, and a woman crossing her eyes while pretending her banana was a telephone. (This was before telephones became slim and rectangular.) Applications soared, but the faculty hated it. The faculty won (of course), and the next admissions book was wordy and serious, replete with posed photos of students hard at work learning stuff, plus pages of agate describing “courses of study.” My point: Fun is fleeting. Enjoy it while you can, oh editors, for soon it fades to black. You’ll have to color inside the lines again, and what fun is that?

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