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Denison Magazine opens its spring issue with an eight-page art show (which I’d sample were it online yet). For the school’s annual TUTTI Original Works Festival, students of printmaking created art to accompany new music compositions. Denison reproduced some of the prints with comments from the printmaking students and the composers. All of this appears before the TOC, as has been the magazine’s custom for a while now. Nice.

Other magazines have stolen picked up on Denison‘s idea of placing the cover story in the very front of the book, starting on the inside front cover. Looking at you, Pomona College Magazine

cover   face2   face3

And while I’m amusing myself at Pomona‘s expense, look at this picture, from the same issue, of campus. Who would not want to go to school there?



If you’re looking for a way to give a VP for Communications the jitters, propose a straightforward story about the lack of progress your school has made in dealing with racism. I don’t know what sort of conversation editor Norman Boucher might have had prior to starting work on Brown Alumni Magazine‘s cover story, but he must have gotten the right people to sign off. “‘We’re Supposed to Be Better Than This,’” coauthored by Boucher and Louise Sloan, examines in detail the Brown president’s new action plan to deal with problems first brought to the fore in 1968. The piece includes a timeline, sprawled across two pages, that lists all the demonstrations and protests over the years, the statements from senior administration about how they recognize the problem and are taking action, and then more protests when too little changes. I give credit to both the magazine and the university. And I love the bold cover line: “Diversity Now: After nearly 50 years of student protests and half-met promises, will the University get it right this time?”

brewThe craze for beer stories continues unabated. Newest entry: “Brewing for Success” from Lift, the magazine of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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