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I’ve been catching up on the 14-inch stack of university magazines that has arisen in my office, in anticipation of CASEpalooza 2016, formally known as the Editors Forum, to be held this year in San Antonio. Here are some things that caught my attention.

gwspreadThe Fall 2015 issue of GW Magazine, out of George Washington University, includes a piece adapted from Creatures of a Day: And Other Tales of Psychology, by Irvin D. Yalom. How’s this for a lead:

While on a month-long writing retreat in Hawaii, I was shocked to receive this email from my patient Ellie:

Hello Irv,

I’m sorry I’ll have to say goodbye this way, not in person. My symptoms got a lot worse a week or so ago and I decided to do a process of VSED (voluntarily stopping eating and drinking) in order to die faster and with less suffering. I haven’t drunk anything for over 72 hours now and should (according to what I have read and been told) start “fading” soon, and die within a couple weeks at most. I’ve also stopped my chemotherapy. Goodbye Irv.

The story is pungently titled “Get Your Own Damn Fatal Illness: Homage to Ellie,” and you should read it here.

Interesting TOC from Law Quadrangle, published by the University of Michigan School of Law, from an issue devoted to entertainment law:


New Trail, from the University of Alberta, has a beer column! How good is that? Another reason to consider moving to Canada. (The first two are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.)

Okay, UT Dallas Magazine, if you’re going to  shoot a takeoff from The Beatles’ Abbey Road for your Fall 2015 cover, the strider second from left has to be barefoot. C’mon, know your rock ‘n’ roll history. (“Sweartagodman, I heard it means Paul is dead. Like he had an accident or something.”)


The “Late Fall 2015” edition—love that designation; hell, most all issues of Johns Hopkins Magazine are late—of Monmouth University Magazine includes a tipped in 2016 calendar—12 months of campus calendar photography stapled into the center of the issue. Never seen that before.

Not just a redesign, but a rare renaming. Minnesota is now Minnesota Alumni.

minnesota      minne2


  1. Wayne Steffen

    Let’s talk about late! How late is late? I always feel guilty and I think my VP thinks every magazine is on time but ours.

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