Editors Forum Bulletin #1

Interesting pre-conference session with social media expert Sree Sreenivasan. He advocates greater use of LinkedIn as a publishing platform, which he says is what they are striving to become. Post links to stories in the magazine, or even post the full text of the story itself. There are no length limits like on Twitter or Facebook.

A few other interesting bits:

— Regarding posts on Facebook or Twitter, from the late David Carr: Before you hit “send,” reread what you intend to post through your boss’ eyes, and through the eyes of your boss’ bosses.

— Do everything on social media with intentionality. These are serious professional tools, but you will not use them well if you do not have clear intent guiding your posts.

— Another reason to consider the above: Every Facebook post, every tweet, is an invitation to unfollow you. Do not waste people’s time or attention.

— Make connections now that you might need later. Do not make your first connection an ask—I need a favor, could you please do something, etc.

— Make use of Throwback Thursday on Facebook to link to past content.

— In significant ways, who follows you on Twitter is less important than who follows the people who follow you. You can achieve tremendous reach if an influential follower of yours RTs something or favorites it.

That’s all for now. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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