portlandkidI’m on record teasing editors for putting adorable babies and little kids with big eyes and irresistible furry critters on their covers and in their feature wells. C’mon, what’s the challenge in drawing readers with a snuggly baby picture? I think the word “cheating” may have been used once or twice. Three times.

A couple of weeks ago I plucked from my stack of mail an envelope from Portland, Oregon. Inside was the latest issue of Portland, with a little note from editor Brian Doyle taped to the cover. For anyone who can’t read the note on this image from my scanner, it says “hahahahahaha a cute kid cover — BD.”



  1. Matt Erceg

    This is Matt Erceg, I am the designer, under the art direction of my Pop, Joe Erceg, of the Magazine in question. I just have to say…you should see the covers that DON’T get printed! 😉

  2. Heiko

    I am a college prof who “just likes your blog” (I have no magazine connections). I use baby pictures in my lectures sometimes, at times with a purpose (I teach Human Anatomy and Physiology) but other times just for fun. I noticed student reactions were VERY positive whenever I used a baby photo, so now when I use one without a specific context I tell the students it is a “gratuitous baby photo”. They laugh at that.

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