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I’ve had no time to actually read an alumni magazine this week, but here are some things that caught my eye.

Lovely photo essay by Dan McMahon, “It’s the Little Things,” in the latest Kenyon College Alumni Bulletin.

Took me a while to get to this, but Bentley Observer Magazine out of Bentley University in Massachusetts has a new look. Susan Simpson is editor.



Always pays to keep an eye on the juxtaposition of image and text, especially when the text is about the appointment of a new president for the state system:

(Apologies to Perspectives at the University of Missouri-Kansas City for having a little bit of fun at their expense, but honestly, who among us hasn’t done something similar?)

And while I’m in the mood for snark, some stories that deserve to go on five-year hiatus:

  1. The wacky, fun new world of social media!
  2. How digital technology is remaking the humanities.
  3. Did you know that this C-list celebrity is also a _____ alum?
  4. _____ University’s contribution to the regional economy.
  5. We’re so global! We’re so diverse!
  6. Faces of the incoming freshman class, our biggest, most global, most diverse ever!
  7. Our researchers say this global warming thing is real.
  8. It’s not a story, it’s a phrase, but I’d still love to see it go away, and not for five years but for 10:  “_____ Nation”

Finally, I will have much more to say about this later, but for now, how great is this?


  1. Denise Horton

    When does someone descend to “C-list celebrity status”? Once they’re on Dancing With The Stars? I can write about Bubba Watson who just won the Master’s Golf Tournament, can’t I?

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