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Yesterday’s post about photography prompted two editors who shall remain nameless—OK, Marny Lombard and Brian Doyle—to shill shamelessly for the covers of their magazines. We respect shameless shilling in these parts, and posting covers is the blog equivalent of a one-dish microwave meal. Two or three lines of text, a cut-and-paste, and my work is done for the day. I like it.

Lombard edits Gonzaga, from the school of the same name (also known as the John Stockton Academy of Higher Basketball), and they committed a redesign not so long ago. Here is their entry in today’s beauty contest scholarship pageant:

Doyle, who also shills for William Blake, Oregon pinot noir, Van Morrison, and Portland Pilots soccer, sent along two covers.

As we say here in Blogistania, click the images to view larger.


  1. Steven Saum

    Is it the brilliance of the Northwest as also exemplified in the marvelous microbrews? Beautiful stuff, there. Though we should note that on the maplewood, Santa Clara beat Gonzaga at home for the first time in a decade. And, as a consequence, couches were burned by some exuberant celebrants.

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