Please clog my inbox

I’ve accepted a gracious invitation from URMA, the University Research Magazine Association, to present at its annual conference, to be held this year in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Prompted by that invitation, I took a look at the URMA membership rolls and could not help but notice that I am not receiving about 60 of your periodicals. You know who you are, research magazine mailing list managers.

And while I’m clogging your inboxes, may I please issue a call for anyone who has not put UMagazinology on your circulation list, to please do so forthwith. (I’ve been watching a lot of Masterpiece Theatre, so now I say things like “forthwith.” There’s a good fellow . . . .)

The address: Dale Keiger, University Magazine Group, 901 S. Bond St., Suite 540, Baltimore, MD, 21231.

Thank you and see you in . . . yikes! 16 days . . . at the Editors Forum.

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