Toothsome design

I concede that when I found the Fall 2010 issue of Tufts Dental Medicine in my mailbox, I did not immediately think, “Bet this one has good graphics.” I’d never seen the magazine, edited by Karen Bailey, but I did not imagine a dental school periodical would have much flair. So much for what I know. I didn’t realize that the magazine has a resourceful design staff of design director Margot Grisar and senior designer Betsy Hayes. TDM‘s design is clean and understated, with nothing that leaps out and loudly demands some attention, but it’s smart and clever.

For example (click the images for a closer look), this is the opening page of a story about dentists dealing with anxious patients (that is, people like me):

More of the cleverness I’m talking about, for a story about health care reform:

I also like “The D List,” “a smattering of dentistry tidbits to inform, amuse, and amaze.” Did you know that North American kids spend $500 million each year on chewing gum, or if you start smoking cigarettes at the rate of a pack a day when you’re 18, by the time you are 35 you will be at risk for losing four or five teeth? Me neither.

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