Please stop

No, I mean it, I’m begging you . . .

Recent headlines:

— Passion for Engineering [These days, it’s not enough to be merely interested. One has to be passionate. Yawn.]
— Career 2.0 [Can we please retire the ___ 2.0 cliché?]
— ___ ___ Athletes Enjoy Giving Back [Please stop.]
— ___ ___: Making a Difference [Really. Stop. Or else shoot me now.]
— The Meaning of a ___ Education [I’ve come across this one three times in the last two weeks. If you have to learn the meaning of your education from a magazine, you should insist on a tuition refund.]
— Can You Hear Me Now? [Can we stop believing it’s clever to cop advertising slogans?]

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    1. Karen Riedel

      I agree completely on all of these. Another phrase I keep crashing into, for at least the last 20 years: “A tradition of excellence,” usually proffered by some clever administrator who thinks it’s the cat’s meow.

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